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Laree Payne Gallery

Laree Payne Gallery first opened its doors in the summer of 2018 as Weasel Gallery. After two and a half years Weasel Gallery rebranded to Laree Payne Gallery (eponymous to Gallery Director, Laree Payne) to reflect a successful growth period, firm footing, and an established presence within Aotearoa's art milieu.  

Laree Payne Gallery is located in central Kirikiriroa (Hamilton) on the ground floor of a 1915 heritage building. As the only dealer gallery in the Waikato region, the gallery maintains a physical space for twelve quality exhibitions per year which are diverse, engaging and fresh. Additionally, the gallery supports arts practitioners via a consistently strong digital presence,  and through various presentation opportunities in other locations.

With a robust schedule of presentations from emerging through to senior arts practitioners (from around Aotearoa and Australia) and a growing stable of artists, Laree Payne Gallery is an open, critical and responsive space and place.

Laree Payne l Director
260 Victoria Street, Hamilton, NZ l +64 22 603 2642

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